100 Club

For over twenty years the Friends have operated a lottery, the 100 Club, as a means of raising funds. Membership is open to all Friends of the Glynn Vivian and also their personal friends. Each subscription of £12 for the year is allocated a number, maximum of five numbers per person. All numbers are entered into the monthly draw for prizes of £25 and £10, as well as an extra draw for a £100 prize. Winners are notified individually and the numbers circulated in the Friends Newsletter. The draw begins in June and the chance of any one number winning is 1 in 4!

For just £1 per month you can help the Friends support the Gallery and have the chance to win a monthly prize of £25 or £10 or the annual prize of £100.

Payment can be made by cheque or banker's order and is due on April 1st.

Many thanks for your support.

Hilary Rose (100 Club Promoter)

16 Kilfield Road

Tel. (01792) 232808
email hilandmike@onetel.com

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