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The Paint Sculptor – Arron Kuiper

By 22nd January 2021 No Comments

Friends of the Glynn Vivian & Beep present ‘The Paint Sculptor’

Wednesday 27 January at 7.30pm via Zoom

Arron Kuiper is a Welsh-born artist who practices in north Wales. He studied at Cardiff School of Art under Dave Shepherd and Andre Stitt.

He is best known for his singular and pioneering technique of sculptural oil painting, which has earned him multiple awards including the ING Discerning Eye and Beep Painting Biennial. His work has been widely shown across the UK in galleries such as The Mall, Museum of Somerset, and Cardiff Museum offsite projects, and has also featured in numerous publications including a-n Magazine, Vice, and Business Insider.

His work is incredibly varied stylistically, conceptually, and in terms of scale, because, as he puts it, ‘if you’d discovered a new way of painting you’d have to try everything out also’.

His work questions the nature of paint itself in a three-dimensional existence, form and texture begin to take on sculptural meanings with a painted quality still intact yet way past the remit of impasto.

Thematically his work is about the seen yet intangible and the unseen but extant which pervade our digital age, often muddled by s(t)imulacra. They require the viewer to explore impossible physicalities where motifs can be elevated or hidden, marks can be loosely fluid or intensely precise and meaning can be coldly rational or mystically surreal.

This continued experimentation and refinement has been part of his practice for over a decade. From complex chemistry to inventing his own tools and entire methodologies, to experimenting with form, shape, texture, and colour, Arron continues to push the limits of paint, freed of surface and gravity, from his shed in the middle of the woods in rural north Wales.

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